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我很荣幸接受Sarah颁发的Liebster Award提名 饲养人豆。谢谢莎拉。一定要访问她的博客,并阅读有关Bean Family的文章-上学,食谱,可打印物品,她的博客包含多种生活方式主题。


在过去的12个月内,我听说过Liebster奖,并且总是想知道这是怎么回事。收到提名后进行搜索时,我偶然发现了 全球澳洲人 网站,这是利勃斯特奖的最新所在地。

The 利勃斯特奖 is believed to have started back in 2011 and it is an online-only award 那 is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The award is a great way to be discovered within the blogging world and also to connect with others within the blogging community. It really is a wonderful idea.

The word "liebster" is German in origin and means dearest, beloved or favourite. Knowing the mean of the word, I get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing 那 my little blog has been nominated. There's no actual or virtual presentation and no trophy to display - I just have the privilege 能够在我的博客上显示“ Leibster Award”徽章。那本身就是一个巨大的奖励!

  1. 如果您已获得利勃斯特奖提名并选择接受,请撰写有关该奖的博客文章。✔
  2. 感谢提名您的人,并发布指向其博客的链接。 ✔
  3. 在您的博客上显示Liebster Award徽章。 ✔
  4. 提供有关您自己的10个随机事实。 
  5. Nominate 5 to 11 blogs 那 you feel deserve the award - they should be newish blogs with less than 200 followers. 
  6. 向您的被提名人回答十个问题。 
  7. 列出这些规则在您的帖子中(我是从The Global Aussie复制并粘贴的,您可以这样做!) 
  8. Inform the people/blogs 那 you want to nominate, 那 they have been nominated for the 利勃斯特奖 and provide the link to your blog so 那 they can learn all about the 利勃斯特奖. 
  9. 完成上述步骤后,请转到 全球澳洲人和 let Jack know 那 you've been nominated. Make sure to provide him with a link to your own post so 那 he can have a read of your nomination post! 

I started my blog last year as a means of clearing my mind of everything 那 we were experiencing on 我们的自闭症 journey. At the time of starting to blog, we were very new to the world of 自闭症 and we hadn't yet established support networks, other than L's therapy team. So blogging was a way of getting everything off of my chest and out into the open. I find a lot of calm in writing for my blog and this has helped me immensely to be able to think logically about decisions 那 we have had to, and have to make in the future, on behalf of both L and O.

For the future I hope 那 my blog becomes a place where new families can gain the much needed support 那 we all need as well as gaining new information about various facets of 自闭症. I would also like my blog to be one 那 is able to spread 自闭症 awareness and acceptance.

I blog about my families journey with 自闭症 - the highs and the lows. I hope 那 my blog provides an insight into life with 自闭症 as well as spreading a little awareness and acceptance of 自闭症.

Question 3: Where is your favourite place in the world 那 you have been?

我很乐意将我的丈夫和小英雄带到位于马鲁古省北部的一个名为Ternate的小岛上 印度尼西亚我15岁那年在印尼的Ternate交换学生,我很想带家人去Ternate认识我的印尼家庭。

The short answer is yes! I 不要't blog to earn a living. It would be nice to be earn a living from my blog, but 那 is not why I started my blog in the first place. I enjoy writing, so 那 is enough of a reason to keep blogging. If in the future I am paid to blog, then 那 is a huge bonus!







7. I carried the Olympic flame in the torch relay leading up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics. This was a huge honour and something 那 I am very proud of.






结束时的Toni 养鲍和小姐. Toni started her blog this year (2017) and is also a special needs mum. The first post of hers 那 I read is titled "Seven Facts of a Special Needs Mum"和 I was moved by it as I could relate to a number of points in her post.

壳牌从头开始 太阳妈妈。壳牌还有一个有特殊需要的孩子(嗯,在这里看到一个图案!)我喜欢她的帖子,内容涉及他们的家庭到Queen Creek Olive Mill的家庭旅行,在此期间,他们的导游花时间与她的儿子交往。

妮可(Nicole)从头开始 培养非凡的人。妮可(Nicole)是博客世界的另一个新手,也是一个特别需要妈妈的人-实际上是自闭症!她在自闭症方面的文章很棒。

约瑟夫和阿什莉在 在此处插入混乱. Joseph and Ashlee are new to the world of blogging and they write about the chaos 那 is life.

蒂娜(Tina) 不,你需要冷静!我喜欢她关于教导孩子同情心的文章。

2.如果您可以成为任何超级英雄,那会是谁,为什么? (来自L的一位!)
5. What is the one fall back food 那 your child/children will eat?
7.您最喜欢的动物是什么,为什么? (一个来自O!)
8. What is the most extreme thing 那 you have ever 不要e?
10.完成这句话- 什么时候我是我最好的版本。




Imagine my absolute surprise and delight when I opened up my emails and saw 那 Dr. Elise Cohen Ho from over 问何医生 提名我获得Blogger认可奖。我今年第二次和我的博客都已经十二个月了。

I must admit 那 when I saw the email from Dr. Elise Cohen,I had to read the email several times to check 那 I was reading it right. The nomination made my heart sing! So thank you so much Elise, I really appreciate the nomination as it came completely out of the blue and made my day.

正如我在第一篇文章中提到的 博主表彰奖,我为自己的博客走了多远感到非常自豪 自去年八月以来。我确实很幸运能成为博客社区的一部分。这是一个多元化的社区和 the 博主表彰奖 is a lovely gesture 那 shows appreciation to bloggers right round this wonderful world of ours.

There are a few rules 那 I do have to mention prior to accepting the award.
  • 我要感谢提名我的博客作者,并提供了指向他们博客的链接。✔
  • 我必须写一篇帖子来展示这个奖项。✔
  • 我必须写一个关于我的博客如何开始的简短故事。✔
  • 我必须给新博客写两条建议。✔
  • I have to select 15 other bloggers 那 I want to pass this award onto. ✔
  • I also have to comment on each of the 15 blogs to let them know 那 I have nominated them and provide them the link to this post. ✔


I started my blog in 八月 2016 as a means of clearing my mind from all 那 we were experiencing on our Autism journey. At 那 stage we were 6 months into our official journey as we had received L's diagnosis in 一月 2016 and I had quite a lot on my mind. I wanted 互联网上的一小部分可以清除我的想法,然后 hence my blog was born.

As I 讲过了 in a previous post, writing for my blog acts like a soul cleansing - writing gets it all out there, there is nothing left for me to dwell on. I can mull it over while writing, analyse it while re-reading and editing the post, and then my mind is clear when I hit the publish button. Writing for my blog is like therapy!!

我一直在问我为什么选择的名称“抚养我的小超级英雄”为我的博客,解释是很简单的 - 而且也绝对没有深刻和有意义的解释我很伤心地说!

As a Mum I am raising both my children and in my eyes, they are both little superheroes. They have both been through so much in their short number of years. L's obsession is superheroes and O is also partial to watching superhero cartoons and television shows, so I figured 那 the name of my blog really explains what I do!

Being on an Autism journey 可 quite a lonely experience. You truly do find out who your true friends are, those 那 understand and accept your children for who they are. I am sad to say 那 we have lost 到目前为止,在这个旅程中有几个朋友,但是他们是错过了的那些人!

I truly hope 那 by 分享 our experience, I am able to let other families know 那 they are not alone on this journey. An 自闭症 journey 可 a positive experience, if you are willing to let it be. We have our fair share of rough days and I am happy to share these as well as the positive days - I want others to know 那 we understand and get what they are going through. I want others to know 那 support is there to those who want it.

Over the last 11 months I have come across many a blog 那 has been going for quite some number of years and I honestly hope 那 my blog will be one of those in years to come 那 inspire others to share their own story.

Looking forward my aim for my blog is raise awareness and acceptance of Autism and to educate others by 分享 our families story. As I said in my first 博主表彰奖 post I hope 那 my blog provides an insight into living life with two children 自闭症谱系 以及教育,启发和支持他人 谁也在旅途中。


The first piece of advice 那 I have is to write with passion. 当我 first floated the idea of starting a blog to my husband, I was very clear in my mind about what I wanted to blog about - I wanted to share every facet of 我们的自闭症 journey. I have found 那 being passionate about your topic makes it incredibly easy to think of and write post ideas. I have come across many bloggers who write with passion, and it really shows in their writing. Passionate blogs are easy to read and they are the blogs 那 I constantly return to. They are the blogs 那 I want to keep up to date with. They are the blogs 那 I feel connected to!

The second piece of advice 那 I have is seek out and make some networks within the blogging community. The blogging community is so diverse - you name the topic, there is probably someone in this wide world who is blogging about it! And if you ask for advice, take it on board. The blogging community is here to support you!

Now this is the part I am looking forward to. I love visiting other people's blogs. I've yet to come across a blog 那 I haven't enjoyed reading and there are so many amazing bloggers who write with passion. I am going to do something slightly different this time as I am going to include why I want to pass the 博主表彰奖 onto them!

  • 塔莎(Tasha)身着The Meldrums on the Move-这是一位知道她的东西的女士!阅读有关协助 肯尼亚的社区项目!
  • 来自糖,香料和万物自闭症的多丽丝(Doris)-我喜欢这篇关于帮助我们的ASD儿童 伸手摘星.
  • 凯利(Kelly)在《这是一件事》上-凯尔(Kel)的女儿廷克(Tink)也有 自闭症 so I can relate to everything 那 she blogs about.
  • 梅格纳(Meghna)在《爱,生命和小个子》一集中-我喜欢她关于父亲 摇摆的父亲!
  • 杰西(Jessie)在“两个小家庭学生”中学习-她的生活很棒 没有厨师playdoh食谱 在她的博客上!
  • 莎拉(Sara)在Travel with Tots中旅行-我喜欢她所有的理由 她带她的小家伙 和她一起旅行。
  • 格兰迪(Grandi)在我的强化生活中-阅读有关 课程 优雅和礼貌。
  • 玛丽莎(Marissa)在Diytified上-玛丽莎(Marissa)在她的博客上有一些很棒的DIY项目,例如 DIY成长图!
  • 雷切尔(Rachel)在“一点点的生活”中-我喜欢雷切尔(Rachel)的帖子。 5 things 那 she learnt from a self-care weekend。必须阅读!
  • 艾玛(Emma)在妈咪的蒙克金斯(Munchkins)身边-我爱她 她的孩子们的颂歌 因为我可以说到她所写的很多东西!
  • Shawna在Mish Mash Mommy上-她的帖子很棒 包括26本书 在您的幼儿图书馆中!
  • 丽莎从不那么生活中脱颖而出-我喜欢丽莎在 5个原因 那 her son's 自闭症 diagnosis has made her a better person.
  • 约瑟夫(Joseph)在这里插入混乱-这是一个充满激情和幽默的人。这篇关于 与蜜蜂相遇 让我发笑!
  • 布兰登在右脑妈妈-我喜欢 摇滚赛道!
  • 梅根在不安的梅格-她的 给自己的公开信 非常诚实和强大。



我很荣幸也很高兴收到来自其他博客作者Jimmy和Tina的Blogger认可奖 达勒姆(Durham)的爱情生活和旅行.

This is the first time 那 my blog has been nominated for an award such as this, and although there's no presentation or a trophy to show for it, I am very proud of how far my little blog has come in a little over 8 months. I'm thrilled to bits 那 Jimmy and Tina feel 那 my blog is worthy of receiving this award.

I feel very blessed to be a part of the blogging community. The 博主表彰奖, to me anyway, is a lovely gesture to show appreciation to bloggers around this wonderful world of ours. I've never met Jimmy and Tina but I feel 那 I know so much about them just from their blog and their Facebook page.

There are a few rules 那 I do have to mention prior to accepting the award.
  • 我必须感谢博客作者或本案例的博客作者,他们提名了我并提供了指向他们博客的链接。✔
  • 我必须写一篇帖子来展示这个奖项。✔
  • 我必须写一个关于我的博客如何开始的简短故事。✔
  • 我必须给新博客写两条建议。✔
  • I have to select 15 other bloggers 那 I want to pass this award onto. ✔
  • I also have to comment on each of the 15 blogs to let them know 那 I have nominated them and provide them the link to this post. ✔

I started my blog in 八月 2016 as a means of clearing my mind from all 那 we were experiencing on our Autism journey and I thought 那 having my own little space on the Internet would be a great way to do this. 当我 began writing I honestly didn't think 那 anyone, other than my family and friends, would read my ramblings, but wouldn't you know it the page views slowly started climbing upwards. And it wasn't just my family and friends 那 were reading my blog! Writing helps me to relax, it is one of my hobbies 那 I can do day or night.

As I 讲过了 in a previous post, writing for my blog acts like a soul cleansing - writing gets it all out there, there is nothing left for me to dwell on. I can mull it over while writing, analyse it while re-reading and editing the post, and my mind is clear when I hit the publish button. I guess my blog is therapy for me!

Once I had published a few posts and started to receive some very positive feedback, I realised 那 through my blog I had the potential to share our experience with those 那 were also on an 自闭症 journey. When we began 我们的自闭症 journey it was a very lonely experience. I do hope 那 by sharing our experience, 那 I am able to let other families know 那 they are not alone on this journey, 那 having 自闭症 is not a bad thing, it 可 a very positive experience if you let it be.

Now through my blog, I would like to raise awareness and acceptance of Autism, to educate others by 分享 our families story. I hope 那 my blog provides an insight into living life with two children with Autism 以及教育,启发和支持他人 谁也在旅途中。


当我开始写博客时,除了确切地知道我想写些什么之外,我对博客世界几乎一无所知。我非常确定我想分享我们在 our 自闭症 从治疗到崩溃的旅程,到解释自闭症的不同方面以及其他疾病或问题 that can be co-morbid with 自闭症. I am very passionate about 自闭症 and do hope 那 this shows in my blog. One of the things 那 I have learnt in the last 8 months is 那 no matter what you want to blog about, whether it is food, travel, fashion, animals, parenting, crafts, if you write with passion and believe in what you publish then your readers will pick up on it. 博客ging about something 那 you are passionate about makes it very easy to think of post ideas.

我要提出的第二点建议是保持积极向上并瞄准目标。除非您已经拥有大量粉丝,否则它确实需要花一些时间才能使您的博客起步并开始运作。登录并在您的博客上看到很少的视图可能会令人失望,但是 如果您对自己的工作保持乐观, 那么你会到达那里。您还需要高高的目标,并相信自己可以实现目标。我过着自己的生活,并且将继续这样做,因为我相信自己可以实现我决心实现的目标。在开始写博客后不久,我遇到了The Mighty,并决定我也想在The Mighty上发表一篇文章。我敢肯定,他们每周必须收到成千上万的论文,但是您必须追求更高的目标。我很自豪地说,我有两篇文章已被The Mighty接受并发表,我计划再提交几篇!

首先,您需要 相信自己, 不要让任何人把你打倒。

Now for the tricky part, I've yet to come across a blog 那 I haven't enjoyed reading and there are so many amazing bloggers out there 那 write with passion. But alas I have to chose 15, however I am a rule breaker from way back so instead I have chosen 20 amazing bloggers to pass the love onto.

艾莉森(Alison)在 即时两个
托尼在 为了你的儿子
娜迪亚(Nahdia)在 纳德兹历险记
Ruta在 我的故事4他的荣耀
停在 所有妈妈说
娜塔莉(Natalie)在 新妈妈生存
艾玛(Emma)在 木乃木
艾美奖于 聪明的小妈妈
Chantel在 许多人的健康快乐妈妈
阿什利(Ashley)在 麦克夫人
冬青在 包装软木塞
凯拉在 年轻母亲的历险记
大草原在 妈妈指导
雪莉(Sherrie)和艾米丽(Emily)在 永远年轻的妈妈
达琳在 四人制
切尔西在 700个微笑
劳伦在 游乐场纪事
阿什利(Ashley)在 我亲爱的牡鹿
希瑟在 现实生活妈妈

Ashlea在 妈妈妻子生活方式

As I 讲过了, there are so many wonderful amazing passionate bloggers out there and 将我的清单缩减到20个非常困难!



当我 第一次成为妈妈是2009年,我同时感到非常兴奋和恐惧。我被我的小孩子迷住了 女孩,发誓要采取一切措施保护她并帮助她 grow. But I was terrified 那 I would stuff it all up. In the following few months after her birth I had quite a few 对我的能力产生疑问,随后被诊断为纳塔尔后期病 Depression. Being put onto medication helped me to realise 那 I was doing a 在孕产演出中做得很好。

刚过 over 8 years of motherhood and two little superheroes later, I know 那 I am 不完美,但我会尽力成为一名好妈妈。我有美好的一天, 我的日子也不尽如人意,但我正在尽我所能来做母亲! I still have moments where I doubt my abilities or second guess myself, 不要’t 所有人,但是这些天我尽量不让自己为之奋斗。

我看到了这个 rocking motherhood challenge a few months ago and thought 那 it was a 卓见。我们和我’我在这里和爸爸妈妈聊天时,花了很多 time beating ourselves up, 那 在 times we fail to recognize all of the great things 那 we do as parents. It’好像我们理所当然地在摇摆 这个育儿演出。我正在慢慢学习承认所有伟大的事物 我为我的小超级英雄所做的努力,并且在接受他人的认可方面变得越来越好。 但是我花了很长时间才达到这一点。

谢谢蒂娜(Tina) 不,你需要冷静 提名我 完成我的十种方法’m摇摆的母性Challenge. 顺便提娜,我爱你的博客标题,我’m sure 那 I 讲过了 那 phrase numerous times 在过去的8年中!当你’已经阅读了我的挑战回复,为什么 don’你去蒂娜’的博客,阅读她对如何表达的看法 她正在做母亲。

当我接受 挑战表明我如何改变母性,然后我不得不开始思考 大约十种不同的方式来影响我的演出。嗯,不如我容易 thought.

我上来了 用几种方法,但后来完全空白了。所以我做了蒂娜所做的– she pretended 那 somebody told her 那 she was a bad mum and you can imagine the response 那 那 evoked. Well, I too would tell them “#@#* off” and remind them 那 they really should start sleeping with one eye open.

然后我想出了其余的 ways 那 I rock motherhood!

I 不要't always put my little superheroes first.....

Now when you first read this you're probably thinking 那 那 is really poor form on my behalf but it really isn't. I always ensure 那 my little superheroes are fed, clothed and looked after, their medical needs are always 在 tended to and 他们的教育需求总是可以满足的,但是要做这些,我必须首先照顾我。这从字面上带走了我 充分了解8年的重要性。有时候我需要休息一下才能满足我的超级英雄的小需求。有时候,我确实需要远离情况,深呼吸,然后再回去。

There are times when I do need to complete chores before I can help them out. And personally I think this is a good thing as my little superheroes are learning 那 they're not going to be waited on hand and foot. They're learning patience and sometimes, just sometimes, they start doing whatever they want 不要e by themselves so they are also learning independence.


Everything 在 superhero headquarters 可 turned into a therapy activity 在 the drop of a hat. Helping to hang out the washing on the line helps develop their 感觉本体感受 awareness as they are carrying items of different weights. Using the pegs to hang out washing develops their fine motor control. Drying dishes in the kitchen helps with crossing their midline. Putting toys away is another activity 那 helps develop their proprioception awareness. If I can see a therapy opportunity, I will make the most of it!


I am not perfect, I do make mistakes and when I do I always own up to them. I think 那 it is good for my little superheroes to see 那 I do make mistakes, 那 I do forget things 在 times as they can then see 那 you 不要't have to be perfect. My little superheroes will learn that everyone makes mistakes. They see and hear me saying sorry and taking responsibility so 那 the next time 那 they make a mistake, they know 那 it is okay and 那 they should say sorry too. For me it is important to admit when I am wrong and to then try to do better. This is something 那 I want my little superheroes to understand.


我参加了他们的水上斗争。我们在餐桌旁看书。我们在冬天吃冰冷的两极。我和他们一起在公共场合跳舞 try to and usually get shot down! I wear the superhero shirts and outfits 那 they choose as presents for me. We bounce on the trampoline 在 3am in the morning, although not sure how the neighbours feel about 那! 我参加了他们的游戏,即使游戏对我来说毫无意义! It is these little indulgences 那 bring me most joy! I try to teach my little superheroes 那 they 不要't always need the television on. I want them to stretch their imagination and not always have to depend on an external source of entertainment. I want them to have fun!


Please, thank you, you're welcome, thank the chef, bless you and so on. Basic manners seem to be disappearing from society. I am determined 那 my little superheroes will know what manners are and be able to use them. 虽然当我们在家时,您会想知道我礼貌的小超级英雄在哪里消失了 我们在公共场合,他们俩总是对自己的举止表示称赞。

I am letting my little superheroes learn the skills 那 they need to navigate through life......

有时候为我的小超级英雄做事会容易得多,但他们必须学习如何做事 for themselves. Independence is a skill 那 does need to be practiced and I want my little superheroes to try things by themselves first before I step in. From doing household chores, to tying their shoelaces, to 让O在计算机上进行研​​究和学习 how to manage her 焦虑和介于两者之间的一切。如果他们跌倒了,我总是会在那里帮助他们,如果他们确实在挣扎中,我会帮助他们迈出一步,但是我确实希望他们为这个世界铺平道路。这样一来,我也使他们的信心不断增强!

And on the occasion 那 they whinge and whine 在 me and tell me 那 it isn't fair 那 I am "making" them do things, I politely tell them 那 no it isn't fair, it's actually raining outside! Seriously we do 那 in our place! I remind them 那 life isn't always fair, we do have to suck it up and get back on with life but 在 the same time I show them empathy and explain 那 I do understand why they are upset. Then I explain why I am asking them to try something first before asking for help and then the penny drops.....


What is the saying, 那 patience is a virtue? In an ASD house, patience really is a virtue. One of the crucial things 那 I learnt very early on in 我们的自闭症 journey was 那 patience is a must. Like when my little superheroes are tripping over their words or when L is changing his clothes for the 4th time on a Saturday morning or when we're trying to get L back to sleep 在 various times throughout the night. Becoming frustrated is a fruitless activity, all frustration does is make the situation worse and O or L will usually end up in a meltdown.

I am regularly told 那 I have the patience of saint but really I 不要't, you just 不要't see me grinding my teeth or biting my tongue so 那 I stay silent! And when I do find myself becoming impatient 那 is when I will walk away, breathe and count to 10!


做我的小超级英雄 主张 is one thing 那 I am very proud of. Until my children find their own voices and become their own 主张, I am doing 那 for them - 那 is one of my roles as a parent. Every child deserves the best, every child deserves to have their health, well being and best interests to be taken care of. Raising children with special needs is complicated and you do have to take on the role of being an 主张 as well as being a parent. Being an 主张 does make the parenting gig a little harder but seeing my little superheroes progress makes it all worth while.


我确实每天都参加战斗。  Is 那 fact 那 L is dressed in a power ranger costume with his school uniform underneath really such a terrible thing? Nope, 在 least he has clothes on! If they want spaghetti or baked beans most nights for dinner, 在 least they are eating something. There are times when I do need to push them, like when O needs to do her homework or when L needs to brush his teeth, and I have no hesitation in pushing them to do these things. But if it isn't essential and by pushing my little superheroes means 那 a meltdown will occur, then we'll let it slide. That's not to say my little superheroes get their own way all the time, we just find different ways to approach the situation. We become creative!


No matter where we are or what has just happened, my little superheroes know 那 they can always come for a hug and 那 I love them. Life with meltdowns can and is hard. At times my little superheroes say and do things 那 they aren't fully aware of and 他们不是那个意思。他们 have said some very hurtful things. But 在 the end of the day I still love them and I will always love them. And I want my little superheroes to know 那 I do love them unconditionally, no matter what.


My hope in writing down my 10 ways in which I am rocking motherhood is 那 others will start thinking about and acknowledge the ways in which they also rock motherhood.

The following mums inspire me, I think they are rocking motherhood and I am hoping 那 they too will take up the challenge to list the 10 ways in which they rock! 因此,挑战正在传递给Breyona 狂野七人博客,翠莎(Trisha)在 植物基木乃伊,惠特尼在 现代别致的妈妈 和Dre Deoshree在 妈妈